Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yawnday Links

It’s Monday and I’m thoroughly unmotivated. I’m tired and the beautiful day outside makes me just want to sit back and read in the backyard instead of working (I really need a hammock for days like today). So, while avoid work and even writing a review of Green by Jay Lake (which was pretty good), I’ll give you some links that have helped me along with my procrastinating.

Note: As I was writing this up yesterday (which is why the day referenced above is off), my computer blew up in a weird metaphorical way. I spent some time reading outside while the anti-virus programs were doing their scans. Things are pretty-well back to normal now.

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Jeff C said...

Thanks for the link. I'm thinking I will probably need to alternate between big/small press books to keep the experiment going (instead of reading nothing but small press for awhile). I had forgotten I orderd the Mark C Newton book from book depo, and it arrived yesterday. Tempting...

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