Friday, July 10, 2009

Links Before the Break

As with quite a few people out there, work has been a bit slow (which explains the number of posts in June being much higher than typical). I’m still gainfully employed and I’m not worried for my job, but it also means I can’t be choosy about the work I accept. So, after all this rambling, I’ll be largely out-of-pocket next week working in the field in the high plains of north-eastern Arizona. Days will be long and internet access is an unknown quantity (though I should have it in the evenings). Combined with my typical quite over the weekends (family time and generally far too hectic for much time on-line), Don’t expect to see much activity around here for a while (the following week I have a family reunion on the back end, so it could be a long while). The good news is that I expect that the field world will allow me a fair bit of reading time as I watch other people do actual work.

Anyway, here are a few links that I’ve found interesting.

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ediFanoB said...

There is a life beyond blogs. Most of us are no millionaires. Therefore we are forced to work. And in times like these it is good to have a job...

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