Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Day Links

I’m looking out of my office window to beautiful blue skies reflecting on the snow covered trees and 10 inches of new snow. Storm number 2 is expected tonight with another 12 inches or so of snow. And the big storm gets here on Thursday. 2-4 feet of snow are expected with that one. Preschool is canceled and my wife and I will take turns working and playing until school is back in session (my guess is it won’t be until next week). So, it’s a snow day and I’ll need to get some work done, so it’ll probably be quite around here until next week. Enjoy!

  • Adam at The Wertzone celebrates the 20th Anniversary of The Wheel of Time. The Eye of the World was published in January, 1990. I started reading The Wheel of Time about 15 years ago – reading this series led me to the internet to talk about books. Which lead me to participate more and more on forums. Which let me to my love of the SFF genre. Which led me to start a blog. The Wheel of Time will always be special to me.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No snow here...

Thanks for the links. And really hoping they select another actor to play Bilbo!

Brett said...

Maguire for Bilbo Baggins? Yeah, that just seems wrong.

It really is a pity that Ian Holm is probably too old to play Bilbo like he did in the LOTR series. He had it down perfectly, and one of the Ring's side-effects, if I remember right, was that its possessors basically didn't age.

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